Been In An Accident, We Can Help

We hope you are ok


What Now

An accident can be a traumatizing situation, but it is time to take decisions, and find some relief and ease the burden out of the situation. 

You have rights and you have a choice

We understand, it may be your first accident or you may have been misguided during a previous one. We provide a link from the North Carolina department of insurance (NCDOI) that will easily show your rights and choices. That way you are able to see your rights from the entity that regulate all insurance companies.

Choosing your repair facility

If you are insured or are a claimant, you have a choice in who can repair your vehicle. An insurance company can recommend you a shop that works for them in your area, but it is against North Carolina law for them to steer you into the direction they see is best fit. 


What some insurance Companies may tell you

Just like not all body shops are the same, not all insurance companies are the same. Unfortunately, you may not know how good your insurance company is until you are in the position to put it into use.


Not True:

  • You have to use one of their “preferred shops”
  • You must get more than 1 estimate
  • You only receive a lifetime warranty from their “preferred shops”
  • You may have to pay more if you choose a shop not recommended by them
  • You must wait for an adjuster to evaluate your vehicle before choosing a shop
  • You can’t get a rental vehicle until an adjuster evaluates your vehicle
  • It will be easier and more convenient to go to a “preferred shop”


  • The choice is yours – it’s your vehicle and you may choose any body shop and that’s the law
  • By law, they cannot pressure you to have repairs done at a specific shop
  • We provide a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on all collision repairs
  • We can write the estimate and meet with the adjuster at our facility to determine the best repair plan for your vehicle
  • We work with major rental car companies directly and can setup your rental vehicle
  • We work on YOUR behalf and manage the repair process for you, allowing you to sit back with less stress than your previous experiences.

Here at Speed Street, we repair your vehicle with your safety and the safety of your loved ones in mind. Every vehicle needs to be repaired back to manufacturer specifications to protect you and your passengers in the event of another collision.