F.A.Q. About The Collision Repair Process

collision repair statement

The information set forth on this page is for informational purposes only. It is intended to provide a starting point to accessing legal and/or regulatory information that may assist you. It is not intended as legal advice. Speed Street Collision Center has not verified and makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness of the information set forth in the links herein or whether it constitutes the most recent guidance from the suppliers of the information and advises you to verify any such information before acting upon it. If you have questions about the law, you should consult with an attorney.

Have You Been In An Accident? We Can Help!

What Now?

An automobile accident can be a traumatizing experience. Unfortunately, you sometimes need to make decisions during the days immediately following an accident, while emotions are still running high and you are still trying to understand your rights. Hopefully, some of the information below will help you better understand where you stand so you can make informed decisions about the repair of your vehicle.

We Hope You Are Okay


This may be your first accident, or you may have received incorrect or outdated information during a previous one. The link below will guide you to a helpful memorandum prepared and published by the North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI), the state agency that regulates insurance companies. This bulletin may answer many of your questions and help you make better informed choices. Click this link or the image below titled “North Carolina Department of Insurance: A Consumer’s Guide to Automobile Insurance”.


Although an insurance company may, under certain circumstances, recommend repair shops for you, as the insured or claimant, you have a choice in who can repair your vehicle and the insurance company should not try to force you to use a particular shop of their choosing.

Steering is against the law!


Just as not all body shops are the same, not all insurance companies are the same. Unfortunately, you may not know how good your insurance company is until you are in a position to put your insurance to use.

Not True:

• You have to use one of the insurer’s “preferred shops”;
• You must get more than 1 estimate;
• You only receive a lifetime warranty from the insurer’s “preferred shops”;
• You may have to pay more if you choose a shop not recommended by the insurer; (what do you mean by this?)
• You must wait for an adjuster to evaluate your vehicle before choosing a shop;
• You can’t get a rental vehicle until an adjuster evaluates your vehicle;
• It will be easier and more convenient to go to a “preferred shop”.


• The choice is yours – it’s your vehicle and you may choose any body shop;
• By law, they cannot pressure you to have repairs done at a specific shop;
• We provide a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on all collision repairs;
• We can write the estimate and meet with the adjuster at our facility to determine the best repair plan for your vehicle;
• We work with major rental car companies directly and can setup your rental vehicle;
• We work on YOUR behalf and manage the repair process for you, allowing you to sit back with less stress than your previous experiences.

speed street collision center logoHere at Speed Street, we repair your vehicle with your safety and the safety of your loved ones in mind. Every vehicle needs to be repaired back to manufacturer specifications to protect you and your passengers in the event of another collision.

Where to File a Complaint


According to the memorandum below, prepared by the North Carolina Insurance Commissioner, steering is against the law and it is unethical for an insurance company to disregard the importance of safe OEM parts.

If you believe that you have been treated improperly by the insurer(s) involved in your collision, you may wish to consult an attorney and/or file a complaint with the NC Department of Insurance.  To file a complaint with the NC DOI, Click Here or the image below.

mike causey nc insurance commissioner ncgs583180 memorandum