Bumper Repair

Bumper Repair in Lowell, North Carolina

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The Purpose of the Bumper

The bumper is a crucial part of your vehicle. Its main purpose is to absorb impact during a collision, which is achieved with the help of a reinforced bar and compressive foam or plastic under the bumper. This reduces or prevents damage to the vehicle. Moreover, bumpers protect various components of a vehicle by design, including the hood, grille, trunk, exhaust, fuel system, and cooling system. Bumpers are on the front and rear of a vehicle and can be made of aluminum, plastic, rubber, or steel. At Speed Street Collision Center in Lowell, North Carolina, our technicians are skilled and experienced in bumper repair services. Our auto body shop is Better Business Bureau certified and part of the Carolina Collision Association–you can trust us to perform expert and reliable repairs every time. We prioritize the safety of our customers with our cutting-edge tools, continuous training, and proven processes. Contact us today at 704-879-4359 to learn more.